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"Moriah Angeline brought the audience to its feet time and time again with her resounding voice, her delivery of the Joplin magic once again. [She] dissolve[s] into the character in a transforming manner that chills and thrills as the original Janis did so many years ago (in One Night With Janis Joplin at Portland Center Stage).”
--Carol Forsloff, Green Heritage Weekly

"This is Ed Asner and I was privileged to watch the solo performance of Moriah Angeline a few weeks ago (Moriah Angeline--Hopeful Romantic at the Duplex). I was dazzled by the complexity and beauty of what she sang and what she had to say.  In terms of narrative, choice of songs, and her actual singing voice, I want to commend Moriah on a beautiful performance and I encourage everyone who missed it: Don't fail to catch her next one.

It was a beaut and so is she."

"Moriah Angeline is exceptional as Sophie Sheridan (in Mamma Mia)”
--Travis Michael Holder, Entertainment Today

"Moriah is a talented actress with an incredibly fun free spirit.  It was a pleasure directing her in Mamma Mia! I look forward to the opportunity to work with this gifted performer again very soon.”
        --Tom Caruso, Director, Mamma Mia

"Moriah is a dream to work with. I’ve been a fan since I first saw her audition.  She has such a clear and beautiful singing voice, and a strong, sturdy, natural presence.  She’s not your run of the mill performer.  There’s something very special there.  I’ve cast her once and wouldn’t hesitate to cast her again!"
             --Steve Gunderson, Director Buddy Holly Story, Co-creator Suds & Back to Bacharach

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